About Us

Our Story

It was a sunny day when we were at the park with our beloved dog, Pickles. I still remember to this day watching him run around with the other dogs having the time of his life. 

It was at that moment Puppy Pickles was born. I was always buying him the best toys and making sure he looked the coolest at the park... and he did look the coolest! :)

One day I came home and called for Pickles but he didn't come running with his tale wagging like he usually did, at that moment I started getting worried. I looked everywhere and he was no where to be seen.

I can still remember the tears forming in my eyes as I called his name. As I ran outside I saw one of my neighbors, she could see I was in a distressed state and to the surprise of a life time was holding my beloved Pickles in her arms!

I was overcome with joy, she said he had come to her front yard and was eating grass! It made me think that my time with Pickles is limited and I don't want to take any moment for granted. 


"Everyone has there Pickles and we are here to make every moment special with Puppy Pickles." - Puppy Pickles